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From time to time I like to make small projects that are good for nothing. This weekend I have created a small project that I call “HTML image maker”.


  • It’s purpose is to take existing images and to generate HTML table where each pixel is replaced by a table cell.
  • It is also possible to insert text inside the cells where the color of the cell is at the background of the text or in the foreground.
  • If you won’t insert input image than the program will simply create a screen shot image instead.

Used technologies

  • The image manipulation is done using java’s ImageIO object.
  • The user interface was built using Apache Pivot.

Screen shots

Click to enlarge.

download Download the software

download Download the sources (eclipse project)

Github View on github


  • No need to install.
  • To start the program execute Html image maker.bat.
  • Optional – Insert input image path. If you won’t insert input image than the image will be generated from the screen shot.
  • Insert an output path for the Html file.
  • Optional – You can enter text to be inserted inside the image. Select foreground if you would like to color the text itself instead of the background.
  • Press ‘Generate HTML image’.


  • This software consumes a lot of memory. You should use it on not so big images.

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