HTML image maker

From time to time I like to make small projects that are good for nothing. This weekend I have created a small project that I call “HTML image maker”. Description It’s purpose is to take existing images and to generate HTML table where each pixel is replaced by a table cell. It is also possible to insert text inside the cells where the color of the cell is at the background of the text or in the foreground. If you won’t insert input image than the program will simply create a screen shot image instead. Used technologies The image manipulation is done using java’s ImageIO object. The user interface was built using Apache Pivot. Screen shots Click to enlarge. Download the software Download the sources (eclipse project) View on github Instructions No need to install. To start the program execute Html image maker.bat. Optional – Insert input image path. If you won’t insert input image than the image will be generated from the screen shot. Insert an output path for the Html file. Optional – You can enter text to be inserted inside the image. Select foreground if you would like to color the text itself instead of the background. Continue reading HTML image maker

Getting ready for job interviews

Searching for a job can be a rather discouraging experience. In a few occasions in the past I found myself looking for a job as a java developer. During these occasions I have managed to gather a few principles that have helped me along the way. Perhaps you will find them useful. Who is this post for? Even though this post is mainly for java developers, there is no reason why other kinds of developers won’t benefit from it as well. This post is obviously not for developers with 10+ years experience, it is for the lesser experienced. Why even prepar for an interview? Many would say that you don’t need special training for interviews, but rather show what you really know in the interview so you will get the job that is right for you. There is much truth in that, but I still think there is much that can be done in order to improve your chances in finding a job, and not just any job – the right job for you. I do not suggest you lie in your interview, quite the opposite, you need to show your real self. For some people it comes naturally but Continue reading Getting ready for job interviews