How to change pages in a web application in the age of HTML5

More and more web sites stop to use the old way of request-response page switches, where each page switch refreshes the entire page in the browser. Instead they refresh just the data and the page itself is not reloaded. This way has better for performance and it also makes a much smoother user experience. You can see a great example in github where you click on one of the files. In this post I am going to explain how this is achieved step by step. My Demo Requirements: For some reason, almost all of the examples I saw on the internet about this used jquery in one way or another. This post is NOT using any third-party libraries except for history.js script for browsers which do not support the history.pushState feature. I took this script from github. Step 1 – handle links We want that pressing a link will trigger a JavaScript function. You can do that in many ways. I have done it like this: It will go over all the links in the page and will attach a call to function goto(), but it will do it just for the links which points to inner pages. The goto() Continue reading How to change pages in a web application in the age of HTML5