Freeware for generating UMLs

I was looking for a simple freeware for generating UMLs and class diagrams spesifclly. Here is some of the better ones I have found: ArgoUML open source UML modeling tool. StarUml Another cool open source UML modeling tool. hierarchy A freeware by white magic software. AmaterasUML AmaterasUML is an Eclipse plug-in for drawing UML class-diagram, and UML sequence-diagram. ObjectAid The ObjectAid UML Explorer is a UML plugin for Eclipse. It provides a graphical view on your Java source code. Umlet UMLet is an open-source UML tool with a simple user interface fujaba NetBeans Of course NetBeans itself comes with a very good UML tool built in.

2 usefull freeware

I would like to tell you about 2 freeware tools that I use daily. BareGrep Bare Grep is a file and inner file searching tool. It has all the basic search options like reg-ex and wild card search. BareTail. Bare Tail is a log file monitoring tool. It can highlight log rows by predefined strings. The reason I love these 2 tools is: A. They are freeware(yeah I know there are paid versions but the freeware versions are not bad at all). B. They are very straight forward. C. Most important – they are extremely light-wight. Very recommended. Download from products web site.