Chrome extension: Right-To-Left display in Google Calendar

I love Google Calendar, but one thing bothered me about it; sometimes I add events with Hebrew and sometimes even a mixture of both English and Hebrew. Google Calendar doesn’t support it, when creating/editing events, it displays it in Left-To-Right order. That’s why I have created this Chrome Extension which works great for Hebrew and Arabic.   View on Github   Download Source code *Google Calendar is a trademark of Google Inc.

Batch Image Resizer

I wrote this application so I could resize a batch of photos all at once. The use is very simple. You insert the input image folder and the out put folder. You enter the resizing percentage you wish and press the button. I have implemented this using my own EasyImage for the picture resizing. I have used Apache Pivot for the GUI. And that is it, very easy. View on Github  Download BatchImageResizer  Download Source code from Github

EasyImage – a third party jar for image functionalities and affects

EasyImage lets you do all the basic image operations – converting, cropping, resizing, rotating, flipping… Plus it let’s you do some really cool affects. All is done super easily. Combining operations can produce some very cool results. Download Download EasyImage.jar Download source View in GitHub JavaDoc Click here to see full java doc. Operations Open image. Save image Convert image Re-size image Crop image Convert to black and white image Rotate image Flip image Add color to image Create image with multiple instance of the original Combining 2 images together Emphasize parts of the image Affine transform image Examples Combining 2 pictures Emphasizing parts of the image Affine transform + combine Add color to image Add to pixel color Image resizing + multiplying with pixel color enhancement Combine image with image without background Emphasize trick