Android – Opening a new screen

  Opening a new screen is fairly easy in android. This post will show you almost all you need to know about switching back and forth between screens in your Android application. Add all activities to manifest Each screen is usually an Activity. Each activity should be mentioned in the manifest file. The simple use Bear in mind that every time you will call the function startActivity(intent) a new instance of MyActivity2 will be created. Passing a parameter In most times you need to pass a parameter to the new screen. You do that by using the function putExtra(). This function Receiving a parameter And of course you will need to receive that parameter on the other side. Going back If you need to go back to the previous screen and terminate the current screen, than all you have to do is to use the function finish() from anywhere in the new Activity. Open for result When you need to open a new screen and get result back from it, than use the function startActivityForResult() instead of startActivity() Returning a result Getting the result from the new activity

Which client will dominate?

I first got into the magical world of the internet in the happy 90’s. Back then you could find 3 basic types of network application clients: Internet lightweight web sites (HTML, JS), installed applications with network connection like ICQ or Applets. The years went by, the internet connection got faster and richer applications came out of the desktop and into the browser. The web applications clients became fatter. Even if the desktop applications still exist, they have clearly become a lot less common. That was about the time I started developing in java. The obvious solution for many of these fat clients were the java web frameworks like Struts, JSF and all the others. But as the years went by a new approach became more and more popular – the Ajax web applications, with GMail in the lead. Fat clients never looked better and the usability was excellent. It is almost as if we are using desktop applications (!?!). JavaScript was never so cool. Libraries like JQuery are born every day as well as some new solutions like GWT to make our life with JavaScript easier. But the story doesn’t end here. With the birth of the smart cellphones an Continue reading Which client will dominate?

How to use fiddler+firefox to download files from streaming sites.

I love discovering new music. Recently I am using a lot. I like the idea of being proposed music I would love by someone who has the same taste of music like me. For me, it is the ultimate internet use. One trouble though, is that it usually takes me at least 3-5 times to hear a song before I would know I actually like it. I have found that the best thing is to download about 10-20 songs to my cellular phone and hear them again and again for a few times. In this post I will show you how to do that quite easily using fiddler and firefox. You can also do the same to download other file types like swf movies and so on. If you are using other browser than Firefox, that’s OK, it can also work with other browsers. Step 1 – Download and install Fiddler Fiddler is a sniffing software which I like very much. It is super easy. Please download it from here and install it. You will also have to install the script editor add-on. Please download it from here. This add on lets you do a verity of actions to Continue reading How to use fiddler+firefox to download files from streaming sites.